Welcome to a better you!

YOU!Welcome to a new YOU! I spent most of my life trying to set goals, but often found myself getting discouraged when the goal I most strive for was unaccomplished.  I was constantly surrounding myself with people whom knew what was best for me, and always felt the need to chime in their opinion. I was soon diagnosed with Lyme disease and my life drastically changed.  Waking up in the morning became my hardest task of all. Through this experience, I made life changing moves, because ultimately only I knew what was best for me. I tried different lifestyles of eating, from macro, to vegan. But somewhere in the middle I realized there is no perfect menu for anyone. It is all individualized. I joined a gym a year ago, and five times a week I forced myself there. I woke up every morning exhausted, and I said to myself, “you can either sit here and feel bad for yourself, or get up and try to make it better.” I motivated myself, pushing harder and harder each day. I had horrible days, don’t get me wrong, but I had a jar next to my bed to remind me how far I’ve come! I am starting this blog, because I want to encourage people to come along this journey with me, joining me Monday-Friday on a 30 min exercise date! Whether it be cardio, or simply a walk outside. Come join me and let’s motivate each other! I am not on a journey to be skinny or look a certain way, I am on this  journey to find the best me. I am the key holder to that, no one else. This blog, I will promise you, will be judgment free, for those days we crash and need a brownie! It happens to the best of us. I also promise to be here Monday-Friday to encourage you. Whether you need a push to work out just a little harder, or a push to  make one home meal a day! I will be here to help make a better healthier you! I do not have the answers to the world, but I can support you in anyway possible. Just take my hand, and let’s begin this positive journey in finding the best US!


One thought on “Welcome to a better you!

  1. I’m so glad you found my blog and commented because I’m so excited to have found your blog! Exercise was such a huge part of my life and I’ve been trying to push through my disease and workout but I think it is bringing me down. I like to go hard :). I love this idea you have and I’m hoping to participate 4 days of the week and do yoga (instead of my usual lifting weights and running… my body is just not in a place to expend that energy even though it pains me not to be able to). Can’t wait to continue following your journey!

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