Day One

Walking on the treadmill this morning, I began to think about what to focus on today in this blog. Staring at a fairly empty gym, I realized that being healthy is a job in it’s own. This morning when I woke up, I felt like I hadn’t slept an hour but I dragged myself out of bed and put on my workout clothes. Listening to “Roar” by Katy Perry on the elliptical I thought about how easily I could have just stayed in bed this morning, or how easily I could have gone for a bacon egg. It is so so EASY to live like the rest of the world, living off fast food, binge drinking, staying up late, but for me, that lifestyle doesn’t fuel me. I live and thrive going against the grain, and challenging myself! If you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t! Ive come to learn that this lifestyle is mind over matter, and it takes a lot of devotion. But if you are just getting yourself to the gym for a 20 min workout, you are making steps towards a greater lifestyle. When you walk into the gym, pat yourself on the back, even though you haven’t touched a machine yet, be proud you’ve gone against the grain! Keeping working towards a better you!


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