Day six

My original plan of coming along on this journey together of health and wellness, I did not factor in the rainstorms in between. Although, we can always find the rainbow at the end of the storm, we first need to bare the pouring rain. I have read blogs that are 100% positive and uplifting, but for me that’s not always a reality. If we didn’t have speed bumps, where would we gain our strength? As I found myself receiving an IV today, I sat in a dark room, wondering how was I going to motivate someone today? Feeling like I had gone backwards in my progression, I kept telling myself what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I began to worry about my job, and all the other factors of my life, before I snapped out of it. If I don’t have my health, then what do I have? Yes I am cruising slowly over a speed bump in a rainstorm, but the rain will stop and then the journey continues. So I can’t say that I worked out with you today, but I will ask you to be thankful for your health if it’s a good day. Be thankful that you can enjoy nature and even the job you are at. Be thankful if you had even a short brisk walk outside. But most importantly be thankful that you are staying true to finding the best possible you!wpid-wp-1391713591601.jpeg


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