Define yourself!

ImageLife is a rollercoaster, that sometimes we feel like we are sitting in the teacups spinning and want to get off! We run into people daily, strangers, family, friends, and sometimes they are not at their best moments, and can make comments, which have no meaning, just out of frustration. We can’t let these comments hinder our mood, or even give thought to them! They can’t define us! Only you have the power to define yourself! You want to be strong, tell yourself every single day, that you are strong! Anything you put your mind to, you can do! You haven’t walked in everyone’s shoes, and problems that seem small to you, may not be so small to them. . Everyone struggles with something in this life, and although they may have a painted smile on, you really never know what’s happening inside of them. So be kind to one another, because this also defines your character. Stop telling yourself you can’t do this, or you can’t run a marathon, and start telling yourself, YES I CAN!  Start telling the world, you are here to stay, and show them! Happy Monday ALL!Image

Moments of life..

“Don’t let the moment define you. You define the moment. Define it with your mental strength, faith, and confidence. Focus on the now .You are more than your successes. You are more than your failures. You are who you are in the moment. Enjoy it. Live it.Make every moment of your life count. Make the most of it. Make it yours.”


Happy Friday everyone! I think back to times in my life that I was suppressed by situations. I called myself damaged, and allowed the situations in my life to define me in a negative way. It was a weight that I was carrying along with me for so long, and it wasn’t until not only the situation changed, but I accepted that idea, “it is what it is.” This is challenging for a lot of people, because we think and over think situations, and find it hard to just let go. We focus so much on the past, and the future, that we forget to focus on now. We focus on our failures, and our accomplishments, as if they really define us. They don’t in reality. What define’s us in my eyes are those connections we make with each passing person we encounter. The things we learn from each embrace, and the depth we find ourselves discovering with each new connection. It’s a blessing to open yourself up, and allow someone to see what really defines you. This is making your life, your own. Learning more and more about yourself, and what you really are capable of, if you allow it. Focus on the now, and let loose this weekend. Dance in the rain, and find yourself! A blessing is sure to be in store for you! 




ImageI came across this quote today and thought about the importance of the word focus. Life situations can break and bend us out of shape very easily, especially when we set goals for ourselves, and they are unattained. Whether it be a workout goal, a health goal, or just a general life goal, the minute we find turmoil, we tend to hide under the covers and want to run away. Focusing through the pain seems like a very difficult task for most of us. But if someway we focus on the good things that are holding us together, we will realize our strength. Strength will push us through that hard sweaty workout, where you feel like you could throw up, or through that difficult illness, where you feel it’s never going to end. If you just focus on your finish line, and try to put the negative thoughts aside, we will find ourselves more centered. I found myself today focusing on the things that were tearing me apart as I was driving to work, and then something clicked in my head, and just started saying “this is going to turn around for me, today is going to be a GREAT day!” I changed my focus, and navigated here, to the place that holds me together. Thank you for being apart of my journey, and focus on great things today!




In exactly a week from now, it will mark my 27th birthday. As I think about time, and the things that have stayed the same, and the things that are completely and utterly different, I think of the process that goes along with it. Change is inevitable, and although we think somethings will last forever, they won’t. That is the story of life. Struggles are temporary, and we must see that our future is clear of what we are dealing with at this moment. Maybe we have an illness, or a disease, or a loved one whom is sick, time does not stand still, and the future may hold greatness. I think about the things I would have liked to accomplish, but then I find myself focusing on my personal growth. It may not always be visible to the eyes around, but personal growth is one of the greatest accomplishments there is. Birthdays for me always mark a time to be grateful for those around me. I am grateful for the struggles I have been through, because without them, I wouldn’t learn what strength is. I am grateful for time, and that each day I get to awake and discover something new about myself. We must not take time for granted. So go out and enjoy today, find something new to discover about yourself! You are on the path to finding and perfecting a better you!

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
-Lao Tzu 




Spring Cleaning

Although it doesn’t feel like spring outside, I gave thought to the idea of spring cleaning. Not only the physicality of spring cleaning, but of mental cleaning too! So often we hold so much inside of us, that with time it just overflows. We need to clear not only our closets, but our lives of clutter too. Friendships that are lagging, jobs that are dragging us down, negativity that we allow to continually flow in our lives, so much that built up in the darkness of winter. We need to spring ahead into the light and enjoy the warmth that’s to come. For me, this first step is answering this question, “What could you be happy about if you chose to be?” This question, makes me see that I have the power of choice, to chose my happiness. I begin to think of things that are weighing me down, and things that I feel tied to, and if I chose to be happy, would I just let these things go? Are there things that are holding you back from choosing to be happy? I find that the key to finding a better you, is to examine and “spring clean” this negativity, and make the choice to be happy. It not only makes a better you, but you’ll find that you’ll be living a happier life.Image

mountain top…

“The difference lies not in the uncertain future but in you and the authenticity of your vision. You are the source. With you and in you, the spark is ignited. This isn’t knowledge that you learn. It’s knowledge that you become.”

After finding this quote, I finally return home to my blog. I’ve spent the last two weeks beating myself up, living in self-pity of all the things I’m not. I allowed doors in my mind to be opened, when I should have said no thank you, I am strong and heathy! My vision was corrupted by the weakened state of health, but I am here to declare I no longer will give in. This is the card I have been dealt at this point in my life, but in my vision for the future, I see no sight of these struggles. I see myself mountaintop, conquering each and every battle thrown at me. You must see your future every single day, even if your standards are too high. Shoot for the moon, and see yourself getting there and with faith, hope and strength, you will! We are on this journey together, so grab my hand, and let’s hike up!f054521db1bbd4401832eedfd3663434

Rock bottom…

Everyone knows that can’t eat, can’t sleep, hide under the covers all day crying your eyes out feeling. We walk through life so blessed that we forget about these times till the walls come crashing down and we hit rock bottom. I wish I could say I had the miracle fix to this, but I don’t. I wish I had some inspiration for you during these times, but loss hurts. So what do you do? You cry, and hurt, but you find yourself in these places. As I placed a yellow rose into the ground this week, with tears clouding my eyes, I am brought back to memories of the past. The pain I felt then and now are exactly the same, but time has healed those wounds, and hopefully time will heal these as well. You can never forget the memories, for they are haunting during these times, but it is these memories which will continue to help you remember the good that’s left behind. We can only press forward to a greater place, of remembrance, joy, and blessing. We are blessed to have had the moments to share, and are blessed with the impact left on us. We must go forth and remember nothing stays forever. In a split second, life could change, and everything could be lost. So enjoy each and every embrace, and always remember to love yourself.


Knock Out.

Ever feel like you’ve beaten up so badly, and you are knocked out emotionally? Ever feel like everything is unraveling right before your eyes and there is nothing you can do to stop it? So what do you do? Crying is natural, sadness is expected, and pain is inevitable. But our responsibilities still exist, and there is no way to just hit pause on this remote of life. As much as we just want to throw in the towel, and give up, something ignites inside of us, like a can of Redbull. We spark, we ignite, and we push on. No one asks for these days, weeks or months, they are just apart of this life of uncertainty. Alice, from Alice in Wonderland asked the White Rabbit, “How long is forever?” and the White Rabbit responded, “Sometimes, just one second.” So my question to you is what are you going to do with your forever? According to the White Rabbit, it may only be this second you have. Image


As I sit here with swollen eyes, and a sleepless night, I re-think the phrase I once hated, “YOLO.” You only live once.. I am saddened by the passing of my godfather, but I am also blessed with the times we spent together. I can only recall countless memories of laughter, memories of constant encouragement, and memories of an abundance of love. It is these memories which will guide me forward in life, pressing on to a future which will make him proud. He always wanted me to write, and always knew the determination I had in my soul. Life constantly is throwing curve balls at us, we can either stand up to the plate, and take a swing, or take the easy way out and hope for a walk. You really only have one life to live, and if you don’t stand up and live it, you are wasting it. In sickness or in health, the sun shines the same, do something small to feed your soul everyday. You deserve it.

And always remember, be thankful for today!

RIP My dumpling & Grandma S<3 Heaven gained two amazing angels


Judgement. . .

As I sat in the pew of the overly packed church this afternoon, awaiting my ashes, I began to think about Lent and the weeks ahead. Thinking of being washed of my sins of the past, as she placed the ashes on my forehead, and as I took my first step away from her, thinking of how to embark on a better future with fewer mistakes. I thought of what I wanted to “give up” for Lent, and through the years it has always been the same, “don’t bite my nails.” But as I wiped the dust ashes from my eyes, I thought about the idea of judgement. Just yesterday, minding my own business, just enjoying the day, someone randomly decided to impose their opinion on my life, asking where my drive was? As I stared blankly back at them, I felt no response was necessary. I knew within myself, that I had more drive and strength then anyone could  or would ever need to see. For me, that’s enough. I began to think of the judgments I may at times impose on others, and thought that this Lent I will try my hardest just to be more understanding, and less judging. Because who am I really to judge another? I don’t know what they deal with on a daily basis, or what weight is on their shoulders. I only know what I carry, and to be an added burden to someone, just seems so unfair. So this Ash Wednesday I commit to hopefully being judgement free, and instead of being a burden, I hope to lighten your weight, even just a little. Everyone deserves to smile, and everyone deserves to do things in their own time, without judgement. Everyone deserves the opportunity to finding a better self.3f53528d6443507fa7415c8ec47d04d4