Getting Unstuck…

The feeling of “stuck” is something which most of us face daily. Stuck in a job we dislike, stuck in a relationship, stuck in a financial situation, stuck in a way of living, stuck with a bad medical history/report, or stuck with a bad self image. We wake up every morning with this weight already on our shoulders, and some how we manage to plaster on a smile, but really what else can we do? Although you may feel stuck, and the solution seems very far away, there is something you can do. You can wake up every morning, and be thankful you have a job to go to, a paycheck to collect, or although you may not be completely healthy, you still have another day to find a solution. We can’t pause our lives, we can’t rewind, and we can’t fast forward to see if we make the right decisions. All we can do is wake up, and have right now. Sometimes you just have to embrace the chaos, plaster that smile on, and look at yourself in the mirror and just say ” This is going to be a GREAT day.” Choose this day to get yourself “unstuck”, not by changing any of your situations, but by changing your approach. Be thankful, and choose a positive mind set. You will find that even in chaos, greatness lies ahead. Continue to push yourself to that better self image, to a better stronger, more powerful, YOU!20969f4d845cc7624b1ef1d8892e0309

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