ImageI came across this quote today and thought about the importance of the word focus. Life situations can break and bend us out of shape very easily, especially when we set goals for ourselves, and they are unattained. Whether it be a workout goal, a health goal, or just a general life goal, the minute we find turmoil, we tend to hide under the covers and want to run away. Focusing through the pain seems like a very difficult task for most of us. But if someway we focus on the good things that are holding us together, we will realize our strength. Strength will push us through that hard sweaty workout, where you feel like you could throw up, or through that difficult illness, where you feel it’s never going to end. If you just focus on your finish line, and try to put the negative thoughts aside, we will find ourselves more centered. I found myself today focusing on the things that were tearing me apart as I was driving to work, and then something clicked in my head, and just started saying “this is going to turn around for me, today is going to be a GREAT day!” I changed my focus, and navigated here, to the place that holds me together. Thank you for being apart of my journey, and focus on great things today!




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