Define yourself!

ImageLife is a rollercoaster, that sometimes we feel like we are sitting in the teacups spinning and want to get off! We run into people daily, strangers, family, friends, and sometimes they are not at their best moments, and can make comments, which have no meaning, just out of frustration. We can’t let these comments hinder our mood, or even give thought to them! They can’t define us! Only you have the power to define yourself! You want to be strong, tell yourself every single day, that you are strong! Anything you put your mind to, you can do! You haven’t walked in everyone’s shoes, and problems that seem small to you, may not be so small to them. . Everyone struggles with something in this life, and although they may have a painted smile on, you really never know what’s happening inside of them. So be kind to one another, because this also defines your character. Stop telling yourself you can’t do this, or you can’t run a marathon, and start telling yourself, YES I CAN!  Start telling the world, you are here to stay, and show them! Happy Monday ALL!Image


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