Good things..


With my 27th birthday approaching tomorrow, I thought about this idea of good things in life. How sometimes we get distracted by other peoples accomplishments, and then melt away in our struggle to accomplish things. But really, good things take time. Amazing people don’t just happen, it takes hard work, and devotion. You don’t just become fabulously fit, and in love with yourself over night. You need to apply the right mind set to it, and work, work, work! If you don’t invest all your time and energy in the positives, how do you expect good things to come to you? Everyone wants to better themselves, not just physically, but emotionally, financially, spirituality too. Life is not about what you are given, it’s really about what you decide to create. Sometimes things don’t end up how we imagined, and that’s okay, because that only means that something better is on it’s way! Good things take time, so be patient and enjoy the little things in between! The sun is shining, and it’s 58 degrees in New York today! I can’t help but find myself beaming in anticipation of summer!



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