Happy Wednesday All!! As I stare at the trees outside my window, I notice the miniature buds starting to make their way out. I am reminded about new beginnings, and new opportunities. Lately, I have been trying to be superwoman, partly because of self pressure, and partly because I am looking for change. With the new weather patterns, and the evolving season, I am reminded of leaving the darkness behind me, and looking forward to the light, and brightness ahead. I am finding myself disconnecting some parts of my life, and reconnecting others. I find that in these changing times, we put so much weight on our shoulders, like almost being on a stopwatch! But it’s these time we should pause and embrace the change. We will get to the same place, just either extremely tired and stressed, or relaxed and happy! I choose happiness!!! I embrace my inner superwoman, but I think it’s time to hang up the cape, and put some of my weights down! Taking myself to the gym tonight for some nice serene ME time! Hope you are finding yourself doing something today to better yourself, and you are making every effort to enjoy the change of season!


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