You’re going to make it!

Happy Tuesday! Life has a funny way of throwing a thousand curve balls at us all at once. We see the writing on the wall so clearly, but still we can be blind. You have to reach deep down, even when you feel there’s nothing left. It’s about standing up, when all you feel like is laying down. It’s very easy to throw the towel in and take four balls and get a walk to first base. But isn’t there a place inside of you that wants to try for an out of the park, crowd cheering, home run? So stand up, take your thumb, draw the two black lines under your eyes, and let’s play some ball! I know you have it inside of you, you have the ability to build a better you!


5 thoughts on “You’re going to make it!

  1. Awesome post, Melissa! I should read this to my team before next game. It’s so easy to take our ball and go home, or to play it safe instead of swinging for the fence. We only go around once, so why not go for the fence? Swing away and come what may, but above all else, give it what you have!

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