Just me!

Image Happy Wednesday everyone!!!! Let’s start off with an, oh my GOSH!!!, I’m SORE!!!!! So yesterday after my great workout at the gym, I went about my daily routines, excepttttttt….. It was soooooo nice out that I couldn’t resist heading to the park! So I’ve picked up a new challenge, called lacrosse! I am teaching myself against the handball courts in the park! The best part about it is I put my headphones on, and just do my thing! Something inside me ignites, something I haven’t felt in awhile. Going to the gym has always been an escape for me, but this is just totally mind clearing. And now here I am….SORE!!!  I had a completely “just me” day yesterday, where I was able to just give my body and soul what it needed….attention. My mind was waiting to be cleared of all the clutter, and my body was waiting for some healthy nourishment and much needed rest! This is a new voyage I am on trying to discover the new me, the me I have lost sight of, the one who deserves attention! This is just me! Hope today you have time to reflect on how you can better yourself! Take time to see what makes your soul shine bright!!!Image


One thought on “Just me!

  1. Oh wow, have a great time playing lacrosse!!! Have never tired but looks and sounds fun!!! Can’t wait to hear more about it!! I’ve been so sore this week, too!! Your body must feel so great with all of the wonderful activities you’re doing!!! Go you!!! XOXO!!!

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