We spend so much time trying to untangle the knots or rearrange the puzzle pieces in our life daily. We make each strategic move as if we are pieces on a chessboard, trying to protect our king and queen. Did you ever think that maybe we are the reason that the pieces won’t fall into place? We find ourselves waiting for our opponent, a bad job, a mean boss, a bad relationship, an unhealthy lifestyle, a disease, to make their next move. Based on their move, we sit and analyze every possible retaliation they could make on our next move. Sometimes we lose sight of our king, and make a spurious choice, and we are in checkmate. We look to take back our move, and think over and over again how we were blinded. There is always an excuse when we find ourselves in checkmate. Either we spent too much time analyzing or we acted on impulse, both decisions could bring us to the same point. You will never know which one is the right choice unless you try. You see the thing about checkmate is it brings you to an end, to begin a new beginning. The pieces return back, and you have a chance at a fresh new approach.  So don’t try for the perfect move, for we don’t know in the end if it will ever simply be “perfect.”IMG_20140227_215036


6 thoughts on “Checkmate!

  1. Oh yes, this is a great post and so true!! I definitely over analyze a lot of my life and it really brings me down sometimes!! Beautifully said!! You’re amazing!! I always love your posts!! So rich!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Excellent post, Melissa. As an avid chess player, I love your analogy – it reminds me of All Good People by Yes.

    Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life
    Make the white queen run so fast she hasn’t got time to make you a wife

    ‘Cause it’s time is time in time with your time and
    It’s news is captured… for the queen to use!
    Move me on to any black square
    Use me anytime you want
    Just remember that the goal
    Is for us all to capture all we want
    (Move me on to any black square)

    Don’t surround yourself with yourself
    Move on back two squares
    Send an instant comment to me
    Initial it with loving care
    (Don’t surround yourself)

    ‘Cause it’s time is time in time with your time and
    It’s news is captured… for the queen to use!

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