Living On Autopilot. . .

“Very often, human beings are living like on autopilot, reacting automatically with what happens. What interests me about the life of an explorer is you are in the unknown; you are out of your habits.”

– Bertrand Piccard

Living on autopilot seems like a common occurrence, so many people guilty of it. Think of your morning showers for a moment now. Did you turn on the water, and flood your mind with thoughts about the future, or what the rest of the day holds? Planning and organizing every moment in your head? Or did you give yourself time to absorb the heat from the water, and the fragrance of your soaps. Now think of your last meal. Can you even remember what you ate? Did you just gulp it down? Or did you find yourself sitting there with the food tasting it, and enjoying the texture, and seasonings? Do you find yourself living on autopilot, instead of enjoying these moments in life we are given? Our bodies and minds deserve at least these few breaks, to really indulge in our senses. Changing directions of our plane poses new challenges, but this is a requirement to awaken our body and soul. Our days are filled with constant motion and stress, and at times we can find ourselves overwhelmed. If we just take small moments of time, to breathe, become more aware and embrace the actual moment we are in, we will soon feel less overwhelmed. Every moment is new and raw, do you want to waste time on autopilot living in the future which is not guaranteed, or do you want to be completely alive? Accept things the way they are, give love to yourself and others, and remember to breathe deeply… Change your course, I’m sure your body will love the reward.




2 thoughts on “Living On Autopilot. . .

  1. Great point!!! It is very easy to get caught up in the what’s next phase or what will happen phase instead of living and thriving in the moment!! XOXO!! Hope you’re having a beautiful day!!

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