But we have NOW. . .


Our lives are made up of moments. Moments which we love to recall, and others which we wish never existed. But when we look at these moments as a whole, they make up our existence, they define us,  the good, the bad, and even the ugly. The scars we each hold, the band aids that patched them up, and the happy memories which drive us to find more moments like those. Without our scars, we would not know how far we’ve come, and we would not know the necessary lessons we were taught by them. They do end up shaping us into the beautiful beings we are today. With each moment, with each heart beat, embrace all the memories so we can continue to blossom into beautiful butterfly’s. But the best moments of all, our happening right now, before your beautiful eyes. So slow down a little, enjoy the moments that have guided us this far, and thrive on the new moments presented before us.



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