Capture the Moment

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein 

I think about all the moments in life I would have loved to capture, not in photos, but on video. Not only would I like to have captured them, I wish I would have been more engulfed in them. I wish I would have set aside my phone, set aside the days calendar, and just really felt those moments. We only get so much time, and we should chose wisely what we allow ourselves to do with it. Its clear to me that I need to start setting time to put my phone away, and really be and live. For some reason, my phone has become an accessory to my outfit, never leaving my right palm. I am constantly connected, and never detached. I want to build this film reel in my head, vividly imaging all the moments I’ve experienced in life, and looking into my right palm is something I wish not to include. I find I am only absorbing half of the moments because i’m preoccupied with my notifications, and flashing screen. I need to learn to power down, interact and fully engage. So much we are missing out on, by only catching half the moment. So find time today to just fully enjoy moments happening right in front of you. You won’t get this same moment again, and you will wish you would have captured it. 


7 thoughts on “Capture the Moment

  1. Love this post, especially the line ” I want to build this film reel in my head.” I do think that our society is attached to their phones, myself included. I too experience moments where I just wish I could film it all, but I do believe the best memories are made my enjoying and living in the moment!

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