Strangers. . .

“It is true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterwards, even unto our names.”
― Yann Martel, Life of Pi


I work with kids in a dance camp, and every year we see new faces, new personalities, and new challenges. Every year I learn more and more patience, but this year seems it’s going to be a bit of a twist. I met a young boy, whom when I received his paper work, I found out he comes from a foster center. He is overly polite, always helping me move tables, carry things, etc. He always has this smile that can make you laugh even if the rest of the class is going bonkers! The first day of camp, he came with no food or drinks for lunch. One of the girls asked him if he had money for pizza and a drink, and he said no. We all gathered money and went to get him three slices of pizza and a drink. He kept saying he wasn’t hungry, and not to worry, but boy when he saw those three slices, his face lit up. Every day since, we have pooled together money to buy him lunch and a snack. I use to think my life had so many problems, ups and downs, until I met him. I could only imagine in my mind what his life has been. I feel that meeting him, a complete stranger, has taught me so much more then patience, and it’s only the second week of camp. We all spend so much time stressing the minor things in life. But how often do we think about the people who don’t even get to think about the situations we are stressed about. People who have to think about how they are going to get food for the day, or where they can find shelter for the night. A perfect stranger in just a few moments of life changed my whole thought process.




6 thoughts on “Strangers. . .

  1. This story touched my heart!
    It’s one of the best feelings to make someone happy and see or know his happiness
    The best is that you make yourself happy with helping others
    Thank you for sharing this story with us 🙂

  2. SO beautifully written. Good for you! Sometimes we learn life lessons when we least expect them. It is so refreshing to hear about people like you who actually care about the well-being of others ❤ xoxo

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