Beautiful Disaster. . .

“Sometimes the dustiest cover hides the best book. Sometimes the best cup is chipped.”-Once Upon A Time

Sometimes imperfections in life steer us away from greatness. Imperfections come in many different shapes and sizes, from a boss you can’t stand in an ideal job, to a relationship that has minor hardships. But the biggest imperfections in life, are the ones we place on ourselves. How many times a day do you judge not only yourself, but your actions? How many times do you look in the mirror and pick one thing that’s wrong with your appearance? Imagine if instead, each morning we picked one thing we loved about ourselves, and didn’t want to change in the least. We would be so happy and positive about our appearance, and more accepting of ourselves. Stop picking on yourself, and instead be and accept yourself. Shine your imperfections, and be who you are. When we look at a flower, where do the imperfections begin and end? The whole picture is perfect, the in between do not need to be magnified. We always want to challenge ourselves and push ourselves to the limit, but along the way a little pat on the back is not only nice, but uplifting and will get us to our end goal faster. Yes we are that chipped cup, but if others can look past our chip, can’t we ourselves do the same? You are beautifully flawed, and  imperfectly perfect!



4 thoughts on “Beautiful Disaster. . .

  1. Imperfections make for great music. Keith Richards once said: “we’re not looking for the correct method, we’re looking for the incorrect method: I want to see how much that microphone can take; if a guy is over there and yelling, I want to see whether the voice still carries. It’s trial and error, trial and error, and mostly error. ” So, whether it’s what we look like or what we create, those imperfections make us indelibly exquisite. 🙂

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