Welcome September!

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”


Happy September! This weekend has brought me to a place of growth. I took the time to really ponder certain questions a friend had suggested. “Do I want to be right or successful?, Are winning and losing just an illusion? And the last question being, people who have problems, don’t understand their own problems, so how can they understand yours?” We literally are what we think, all day and all night. I use to be a person who would replay a situation in my mind five thousand times, and figure out what I could have done differently. I use to act upon other people’s anger, and actions. But now I am realizing this is not me. Do I want to always be right? We all always want to be right, but I more importantly would rather be successful. So I determined that, by always trying to chose to do the right thing and have that on display, would be better than always having to prove that I was right. Winning and losing are just simply an illusion. You can always find some way to be a winner, but also can find negative points which make you feel like you were really the loser. When it comes to people understanding, as a human we always feel compassionate, but I don’t really think we can ever understand the depth of a problem someone is having. We all have different problems that arise in our lives, but when you are asking someone with their own problems to help you with your’s, it becomes so utterly confusing. Mixed emotions are tied in, and judgment is never clear. Self-reflection I am finding is the best answer. Only you know what the right answer is. Only you know how to solve the problem, and only you can conquer it. Do not be swayed by outside forces, but look within and check with yourself. Most importantly, remember on this new day, of this new month, that this is a new start. You can choose to to be positive, and successful. You are the key holder of your thoughts, choose wisely.



One thought on “Welcome September!

  1. Such a wonderful, inspiring post!!! WOW!!! I’m like you, I used to always replay a situation in my head a million times and react to others, but I’m learning to let stuff go!! You’re right!! Fabulous!! XOXO!!

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