The Good & The Bad!

364a463feae5102572d57a9d6043b570I’m back!!!! Life is not always peaches and creme, and I think we often forget about the struggles in life until we are completely submerged in them. People tend to just want to open up on good days, when they have a great long workout, or they had a great day at work. Well I’m here to be real! I have been handed not the greatest set of cards this past week, but it inspired me to come here and motivate you. When things are going so good for us, we forget to help others who are suffering, or we just become so wrapped up in the moment we don’t share it. We hold it to ourselves. I think about the challenges I am facing, and  although they seem unbearable, and endless at times, if I really had to trade with someone else, I wouldn’t. We really don’t know what other cards people hold. So find the strength in bad times, and find the greatness in good times. My challenge to you today is to reach out your hand to someone who needs you! If you are having a great day, be thankful for it! But most importantly, be thankful in all circumstances! e9b2234d032c6d15be2b6c335480efbf

Knock Out.

Ever feel like you’ve beaten up so badly, and you are knocked out emotionally? Ever feel like everything is unraveling right before your eyes and there is nothing you can do to stop it? So what do you do? Crying is natural, sadness is expected, and pain is inevitable. But our responsibilities still exist, and there is no way to just hit pause on this remote of life. As much as we just want to throw in the towel, and give up, something ignites inside of us, like a can of Redbull. We spark, we ignite, and we push on. No one asks for these days, weeks or months, they are just apart of this life of uncertainty. Alice, from Alice in Wonderland asked the White Rabbit, “How long is forever?” and the White Rabbit responded, “Sometimes, just one second.” So my question to you is what are you going to do with your forever? According to the White Rabbit, it may only be this second you have. Image