Finding Faith

imageMy journey to finding faith was not just a skip, jump or leap. It was more like an ocean, on high tide drawing me in. It completely engulfed me; it did not develop in stages. It was me, completely surrendering to all that I thought I knew and to me just letting going and finally saying Y-E-S! It all began at a point of uncertainty. Uncertainty of who I was, uncertainty of where I belonged, uncertainty of where I was going. I was filling my body from head to toe with pressure of uncertainty and I was single handedly denying myself the Y-E-S. I lived in fear of what if? What if I made the wrong decision? What if I didn’t succeed? What if I wasn’t good enough? What if I was being judged? What if I was repeating the past? While I was spending so much time and energy saying no, and questioning myself, I was denying myself of the positive life I deserved so long ago. The moment I found faith, I found the answer Y-E-S! When I found YES, I found I CAN DO ANYTHING. I also found Y-E-S; You Evolve Subconsciously. I was subconsciously feeding myself so much negativity that’s how my life was evolving. Most people are scared of the ocean pulling you in because fear lives in all of us. But when you release yourself you suddenly find yourself floating above the surface. When you find faith, you find the real you. Say yes, release doubt. Forget the what ifs, forget the should have, could have, the “I can’t,” the “I won’t.” Because you CAN and you WILL, whether you choose to surrender or not. Faith will find you, maybe in small steps, or like me, pulled all at once straight into the depths of the sea. You have to release and trust that what is meant for you will always be yours. It will always find a way back to you. But most importantly, in your journey, always say yes, to yourself first and foremost. You can do this! You evolve subconsciously. The moment I found faith, I found me. Y-E-S!

Ready and Willing

“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” – Wayne Dye

How often do we find ourselves, and other saying they want something so bad, yet they are not completely open to accepting it. We let our fears get the best of us and we find ourselves resisting immediately. We need to first help ourselves decide what we want. We need to be completely clear, saying it over and over, writing on places to look at throughout the day, or even telling friends so you can be comfortable with the idea. Once you have established the idea, ask yourself if you are really ready and willing to do whatever it takes? Keep asking yourself that question, watch all the feelings that arise, especially the negative ones. Once you feel them all, just let them go. Just like that imaging yourself sky dive for the first time. You are standing at the door of the plane, talking yourself out of it, but once you let go, you fly. You remove all the obstacles you built up once you just go! Tell yourself that you have what it takes, you have what you need, you are READY AND you are WILLING!!Take a journey inside of your soul and find out what obstacles are holding you back from your visions, and then just like the sky diver, FLY!


A Different View

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed and our minds are so cluttered that we just need to step outside the box and just look at our situations from a different view. I took this literally today, after a day full of just replaying things in my head, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. As I walked down a path I’ve never taken, the path was just calling the inner kid in me. I literally walked on the grass, and laid under a tree! (Something, if you know me, I would never do.) I just laid in the grass staring at the leaves and how they were swaying, and the glimpses of the sky I would get each time the wind blew. My mind began feeling less cluttered and this part inside of me stopped searching. How often do we really appreciate our surroundings? We are so fixed in our smart phones, tablets, iPads, Facebook, twitter, texting,the list goes on. I, for one, can not say that I’ve laid in grass, or even just sat outside randomly with no place to go, in a very long time. We are so engulfed in so many other things, no wonder why we can’t seem to see another view.  So this is me today, making a promise to myself, to put away the technology every once and awhile and looking at things from a different view. image

Just me!

Image Happy Wednesday everyone!!!! Let’s start off with an, oh my GOSH!!!, I’m SORE!!!!! So yesterday after my great workout at the gym, I went about my daily routines, excepttttttt….. It was soooooo nice out that I couldn’t resist heading to the park! So I’ve picked up a new challenge, called lacrosse! I am teaching myself against the handball courts in the park! The best part about it is I put my headphones on, and just do my thing! Something inside me ignites, something I haven’t felt in awhile. Going to the gym has always been an escape for me, but this is just totally mind clearing. And now here I am….SORE!!!  I had a completely “just me” day yesterday, where I was able to just give my body and soul what it needed….attention. My mind was waiting to be cleared of all the clutter, and my body was waiting for some healthy nourishment and much needed rest! This is a new voyage I am on trying to discover the new me, the me I have lost sight of, the one who deserves attention! This is just me! Hope today you have time to reflect on how you can better yourself! Take time to see what makes your soul shine bright!!!Image

The voice within


Happy Friday!!!!Someone once told me that you have to search within to find the strength to keep pushing on. When you are stuck in a situation, no matter what it is, you have to be your own cheerleader. You literally have to tell yourself you can do it, get up, let’s go! No one understands your situation better then yourself. Everyone has a situation that they are dealing with, a heart break, sickness, weightloss, problems with work, etc. Reflect, and listen to that voice within. It will never ever steer you wrong. Turn off all the noise, and allow yourself to tune into yourself. I hope you find a moment or two this weekend to check in with yourself! Enjoy your weekend, and also remember to treat yourself!!!

perfectly imperfect



First and foremost, Happy May everyone! So I’ve decided to participate in, “exercise challenge.” I have been needing some “me” time, apart from all my daily routines. So my goal for this challenge is going to be to get outside once a day and walk around my neighborhood with no phone! Just maybe some music, and allow myself some time to reflect. So not only will I gain some exercise, but I will also have some time for personal growth and mediation. I am not perfect, but I am perfectly imperfect! I hope this post today gives you some thought about setting a goal for this month of may! There is no better time to better yourself then NOW!!! So let the challenge begin!!!


Because I’m HAPPY!!!

Happy Rainy Wednesday everyone!!!! There is something about the rain that always finds a way to improve my mood. Something so magical about it, that I just can’t explain!! Insert Melissa singing and dancing because I’m HAPPY!!! Okay, onward . I started reading Eat, Pray, Love again, and came across this quote.

Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Everything in life takes effort, and I find that people are so quick to give up, (myself included), because we don’t see immediate progress. But we need to observe and be content with the quarter mile we’ve come. Yeah it may not be that big mile leap you have hoped for, but in the end the total distance adds up. Every step, even the smallest one gets you that much closer to whatever it is you are striving for. People always look at the negative and see that its taking too much time, but its times like that you need to embrace that thing called patience! Keep believing in yourself, keep pushing yourself, and you will find with a little more patience, you will reach your finish line!

You’re going to make it!

Happy Tuesday! Life has a funny way of throwing a thousand curve balls at us all at once. We see the writing on the wall so clearly, but still we can be blind. You have to reach deep down, even when you feel there’s nothing left. It’s about standing up, when all you feel like is laying down. It’s very easy to throw the towel in and take four balls and get a walk to first base. But isn’t there a place inside of you that wants to try for an out of the park, crowd cheering, home run? So stand up, take your thumb, draw the two black lines under your eyes, and let’s play some ball! I know you have it inside of you, you have the ability to build a better you!



Happy Monday!!! First,I want to give a shot out to Lulu, good luck with the surgery today! Now on to business, I came across this Alice in Wonderland quote and began to ponder it.

“Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
The Cheshire Cat: That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.
Alice: I don’t much care where.
The Cheshire Cat: Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go.“ “


As I began thinking about this quote and how much it reflected my life, I realized I needed a goal. I have always been a dreamer, and people think the world I create in my imagination is unrealistic, but to me, it will exist!! The Cheshire cat led me to this place, where I found a path, or better yet a stepping stone. I began deleting numbers in my phone book of people I have held onto from my past. They no longer have a place in my future, so for what purpose do they need to be stored in my phone? My end goal is to free myself of the past, not only the people, but the feelings we tend to hold on to. I have held onto quite a lot, thinking time would coat the wounds, but time won’t heal them. You need to free yourself from the hurt, so you can open it up for better things. I encourage you to think about what the Cheshire cat said, and set a goal for yourself, so you can lead yourself on a path of victory! A path which not only ends with victory, but it is another step in finding a better you!


HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!!  As I sit at work right now, I am counting down the hours till my spring break!!! I am extremely grateful for the time I am going to be getting off because it will allow me to do some serious detoxing on my body! It will also allow for me to get back in touch with my old friend whom I have missed dearly, aka the GYM!!!! I want to detox my body of not only all the gross toxins that have accumulated, but also of negativity. I want to surround myself with so much positivity that my soul ignites on fire! I want to feel free, and grow along with the spring flowers! I want to spend so much time sharing my positivity with people around me that I can’t help but beam with energy! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and you find some positivity to find yourself in a better place! Always remember to put yourself first and foremost!