Ready and Willing

“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” – Wayne Dye

How often do we find ourselves, and other saying they want something so bad, yet they are not completely open to accepting it. We let our fears get the best of us and we find ourselves resisting immediately. We need to first help ourselves decide what we want. We need to be completely clear, saying it over and over, writing on places to look at throughout the day, or even telling friends so you can be comfortable with the idea. Once you have established the idea, ask yourself if you are really ready and willing to do whatever it takes? Keep asking yourself that question, watch all the feelings that arise, especially the negative ones. Once you feel them all, just let them go. Just like that imaging yourself sky dive for the first time. You are standing at the door of the plane, talking yourself out of it, but once you let go, you fly. You remove all the obstacles you built up once you just go! Tell yourself that you have what it takes, you have what you need, you are READY AND you are WILLING!!Take a journey inside of your soul and find out what obstacles are holding you back from your visions, and then just like the sky diver, FLY!


Progression, and Success.

“Being the best is not what we desire or yearn for, but trying our hardest and never giving up is our key to success and ecstasy.”

How often do we fuss about things we have to do tomorrow, a week from now, even a month from now. We already want to give up before we have reached our destination. We wonder how we are going to make it there, and how tomorrow’s answers will come. Well I have a secret for you. The only way to make it to your destination is to stay present in each hour of each day. Racing to an invisible finish line, or forcing the process doesn’t move you forward any faster. If you out race yourself, you will skip over parts, and will soon have to return and go through it again. Certain challenges we must push ourselves a little harder, so we don’t get stuck. But hurrying tenses us, and will just hold back our progression. Immersing ourselves and our energy into the present moment will help us succeed, and progress. Focus on today, stay with your heart, stay with the present moment, and tomorrow’s answers will come just as today’s did. Be here now.


Accountability. . .

“It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us.”

Do you surround yourself with people who always tell you that you have made the right decision, or are you surrounded by those who will challenge you when you are wrong? You need people around you, who aren’t afraid to ask those difficult challenging questions, and dig a little deeper.You need accountability in your life. You need to be surrounded by people who will look you in the face and say the hardest thing ever, “you are wrong.” When we are off our path, and lost our way, we need these people to remind us of who we are, to encourage us, to challenge us, and to literally call us out! It’s so easy to just be the friend that agrees with everyone, because really it is just easier to ignore it, then address it. Most of us won’t share our problems, or mistakes with others for fear of judgment, or just because we build up our own self-talk. We make our own beliefs about the situation, and convince ourselves of it, even if what we are telling ourselves isn’t particularly true. So maybe you are not surrounded by a group of honest people, do you still lie to yourself and pretend you are fabulous, even though you made an honest mistake and failed? We must correct our mistakes, and assess ourselves with honesty, and without judgement, as hard as that may be. Everyone makes mistakes, every single day, but it is when we hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes, and try to correct them that we can learn from them. Don’t look for those who will only pat you on the back, look for those relationships that are honest and pure, and will help build a better you.


Here’s To Us!


It has been a really long time since I got personal, or have even posted. My life has been all over the map, but somehow today, it has brought me back here. This quote just hit me hard. One day my body is a certain way, months later it is here. I dropped 35 pounds, not because I wanted too, but because I got so sick,(Stomach issues). I not only felt like I wasn’t myself, my clothes were falling off, nothing fit, and I felt like I needed to try my hardest to get back. So I ate only healthy foods, lots of almond butter, lots of smoothies packed with healthy fats, salads, beans, eggs and lots of protein shakes. I started to gain, so so so slowly. Progress was taking so long, and I was becoming discouraged, but I never gave up. People everyday talk about “how do I lose weight I’m so miserable, need to lose 5 pounds.” Here I was trying to gain back 35, and not by eating McDonalds and meat, but by eating healthy. Everyday I looked in the mirror, was looking for that beautiful body that I once picked at for every little imperfection. I would take all those imperfections back. But I only fought harder, I was determined. I am about 10 pounds shy of my weight, but I have been lifting heavier weights when my body permits it, and my body is coming back better then ever. For those out there who constantly nit pick at the imperfections, instead of doing so, just exercise. Once you get your head in the game, you will see those imperfections disappear. My journey is not over, but I am thankful for the beauty that I can look in the mirror and see. I am also thankful that I know that I worked hard for this! So here’s to us!

Strangers. . .

“It is true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterwards, even unto our names.”
― Yann Martel, Life of Pi


I work with kids in a dance camp, and every year we see new faces, new personalities, and new challenges. Every year I learn more and more patience, but this year seems it’s going to be a bit of a twist. I met a young boy, whom when I received his paper work, I found out he comes from a foster center. He is overly polite, always helping me move tables, carry things, etc. He always has this smile that can make you laugh even if the rest of the class is going bonkers! The first day of camp, he came with no food or drinks for lunch. One of the girls asked him if he had money for pizza and a drink, and he said no. We all gathered money and went to get him three slices of pizza and a drink. He kept saying he wasn’t hungry, and not to worry, but boy when he saw those three slices, his face lit up. Every day since, we have pooled together money to buy him lunch and a snack. I use to think my life had so many problems, ups and downs, until I met him. I could only imagine in my mind what his life has been. I feel that meeting him, a complete stranger, has taught me so much more then patience, and it’s only the second week of camp. We all spend so much time stressing the minor things in life. But how often do we think about the people who don’t even get to think about the situations we are stressed about. People who have to think about how they are going to get food for the day, or where they can find shelter for the night. A perfect stranger in just a few moments of life changed my whole thought process.



The Good & The Bad!

364a463feae5102572d57a9d6043b570I’m back!!!! Life is not always peaches and creme, and I think we often forget about the struggles in life until we are completely submerged in them. People tend to just want to open up on good days, when they have a great long workout, or they had a great day at work. Well I’m here to be real! I have been handed not the greatest set of cards this past week, but it inspired me to come here and motivate you. When things are going so good for us, we forget to help others who are suffering, or we just become so wrapped up in the moment we don’t share it. We hold it to ourselves. I think about the challenges I am facing, and  although they seem unbearable, and endless at times, if I really had to trade with someone else, I wouldn’t. We really don’t know what other cards people hold. So find the strength in bad times, and find the greatness in good times. My challenge to you today is to reach out your hand to someone who needs you! If you are having a great day, be thankful for it! But most importantly, be thankful in all circumstances! e9b2234d032c6d15be2b6c335480efbf