Fairest of them all. . .

“She dreamed improbable dreams. Followed her heart & created her own little fairytale”

I always wondered what it would feel like to live a real life fairytale. But then I began to wonder what fairytales were portrayed to us as. Each and every fairytale had a perfect princess, who fell in love with a prince and that was her happy ending. But that is not my fairytale, and not my happy ending, and I don’t think that’s yours either. Yes we all crave love, and to be in love, but to call that our happy ending would be spurious because in reality, it’s just the beginning; a new chapter. A happy ending is our entire beautiful journey. It is not only the happy infinite moments, but also the bumps, bruises, and scars along the way. It is those moment that we mend ourselves back together, and we look back months, years later and say, “wow, I overcame that.” A fairytale includes all the small moments of life, a simple glance from a stranger, a precious childhood memory to a warm embrace from a loved one. It also includes big moments like falling in love, heartbreak, and the strength to start over. But most of all, your fairytale begins and ends with you. Falling in love with you is the best fairytale you could ever write. You have the pen in your hand and you have the power and choice to say “I can and I will.” There’s no place I’d rather be than right here in my real, imperfect, beautifully flawed fairytale, beginning and ending with a journey of discovering and finding me.


Choices. . .

“One choice, One choice, decided your friends. One choice, defines your beliefs. One choice, determines your loyalties-forever. Once choice can transform you. – Divergent”

Have you ever really sat down and thought about the choices you have made? How you can literally map out how one mistake or one choice determined the next move in your life? I remember my first day of high school. We all piled into the cafeteria, and were told to sit anywhere till our names were called. I recall sitting down at the same table I sat at for the next four years, along with the same group of friends I met on the first day. I often wonder if I had chose differently, if I would have ended up being a sports girl, or a track star. That simple choice, although then I would have never looked at that way, seems huge now! We make so many simple choices daily, but don’t even realize how big of an impact they hold in our lives. The simple choice of looking up at a stranger and smiling can change not only our lives, but their’s as well. One choice can literally transform you. What will you do with your choices today?



Two Roads Diverged

“You know how every now and then you have a moment where your whole life stretches out ahead of you like a forked road and even as you choose one gritty path you’ve got your eyes on the other the whole time, certain that you’re making a mistake.”

Sometimes my life feels as if I’m constantly faced with two roads diverged. I am always looking for the sunnier, and brighter path. It seems it starts out sunny and bright, but as I progress through it, its endless storms and bundles of troubles. Which makes me often wonder, what if we chose the harder, stormy path? We will have to initially bare the cold of winter, but perhaps a few steps down the road is our haven.  Does it even matter which road we chose? Are we always going to weigh down on ourselves thinking we are making a mistake? I think if we make our choice confidently and don’t look beside at the opposite path, we will gain strength in our choices. But for now, perhaps as Robert Frost says, we should choose the road less traveled.



We spend so much time trying to untangle the knots or rearrange the puzzle pieces in our life daily. We make each strategic move as if we are pieces on a chessboard, trying to protect our king and queen. Did you ever think that maybe we are the reason that the pieces won’t fall into place? We find ourselves waiting for our opponent, a bad job, a mean boss, a bad relationship, an unhealthy lifestyle, a disease, to make their next move. Based on their move, we sit and analyze every possible retaliation they could make on our next move. Sometimes we lose sight of our king, and make a spurious choice, and we are in checkmate. We look to take back our move, and think over and over again how we were blinded. There is always an excuse when we find ourselves in checkmate. Either we spent too much time analyzing or we acted on impulse, both decisions could bring us to the same point. You will never know which one is the right choice unless you try. You see the thing about checkmate is it brings you to an end, to begin a new beginning. The pieces return back, and you have a chance at a fresh new approach.  So don’t try for the perfect move, for we don’t know in the end if it will ever simply be “perfect.”IMG_20140227_215036