Rock bottom…

Everyone knows that can’t eat, can’t sleep, hide under the covers all day crying your eyes out feeling. We walk through life so blessed that we forget about these times till the walls come crashing down and we hit rock bottom. I wish I could say I had the miracle fix to this, but I don’t. I wish I had some inspiration for you during these times, but loss hurts. So what do you do? You cry, and hurt, but you find yourself in these places. As I placed a yellow rose into the ground this week, with tears clouding my eyes, I am brought back to memories of the past. The pain I felt then and now are exactly the same, but time has healed those wounds, and hopefully time will heal these as well. You can never forget the memories, for they are haunting during these times, but it is these memories which will continue to help you remember the good that’s left behind. We can only press forward to a greater place, of remembrance, joy, and blessing. We are blessed to have had the moments to share, and are blessed with the impact left on us. We must go forth and remember nothing stays forever. In a split second, life could change, and everything could be lost. So enjoy each and every embrace, and always remember to love yourself.




As I sit here with swollen eyes, and a sleepless night, I re-think the phrase I once hated, “YOLO.” You only live once.. I am saddened by the passing of my godfather, but I am also blessed with the times we spent together. I can only recall countless memories of laughter, memories of constant encouragement, and memories of an abundance of love. It is these memories which will guide me forward in life, pressing on to a future which will make him proud. He always wanted me to write, and always knew the determination I had in my soul. Life constantly is throwing curve balls at us, we can either stand up to the plate, and take a swing, or take the easy way out and hope for a walk. You really only have one life to live, and if you don’t stand up and live it, you are wasting it. In sickness or in health, the sun shines the same, do something small to feed your soul everyday. You deserve it.

And always remember, be thankful for today!

RIP My dumpling & Grandma S<3 Heaven gained two amazing angels