Moments of life..

“Don’t let the moment define you. You define the moment. Define it with your mental strength, faith, and confidence. Focus on the now .You are more than your successes. You are more than your failures. You are who you are in the moment. Enjoy it. Live it.Make every moment of your life count. Make the most of it. Make it yours.”


Happy Friday everyone! I think back to times in my life that I was suppressed by situations. I called myself damaged, and allowed the situations in my life to define me in a negative way. It was a weight that I was carrying along with me for so long, and it wasn’t until not only the situation changed, but I accepted that idea, “it is what it is.” This is challenging for a lot of people, because we think and over think situations, and find it hard to just let go. We focus so much on the past, and the future, that we forget to focus on now. We focus on our failures, and our accomplishments, as if they really define us. They don’t in reality. What define’s us in my eyes are those connections we make with each passing person we encounter. The things we learn from each embrace, and the depth we find ourselves discovering with each new connection. It’s a blessing to open yourself up, and allow someone to see what really defines you. This is making your life, your own. Learning more and more about yourself, and what you really are capable of, if you allow it. Focus on the now, and let loose this weekend. Dance in the rain, and find yourself! A blessing is sure to be in store for you!