Who are we?

Sometimes we live our lives like puzzle pieces turned upside down – only showing the world our gray sides. Then along comes life, and it starts flipping them over, showing to us and the world more than just the outline of who we are – it shows us the colors. If we can start to turn more over and put them together, we can see the picture of who we really are emerge.

– Manifest

I’ve thought time and time again about the things I post as being a reflection of me. Although we have not yet met, some how there is a strange connection between reading these blogs, and knowing the person behind them. I thought of listing things you don’t know about me, but then I realized that you don’t need to see my driver license to know me. You know what’s deep down inside of me, and you see my depth daily.  It is these blogs and you, who help me turn my gray puzzle pieces around. Your understanding, your caring souls, and your inspiring stories. I am grateful for each and every one of you who take the time to read, and I am so thankful to have you in my life. You are just as important as the friends I text daily, and I hope that in return I give you half of what you’ve given me!



Aware of our surroundings.



Happy Monday!! I have been sick with Lyme Disease for those of you who know, but what most of you do not know, is this winter I was given a one dose IV in the ER, and the reaction I had from that one dose has been unimaginable. It has tested my patience, through this long recovery. I am still very patient, and extremely grateful for everything around me. The posts from my WordPress friends and small exchanges make every moment just a little easier. But not everyone in life is as understanding. This bump in the road has also made me aware of my surroundings. Everyone is happy to be around, and call you when you are grand and wonderful, but when you are unable to go out, or are of no use to them, you see a different side. It’s painful to see the reality of this, but I am also grateful to learn the real friends, from the not so supportive ones. My sun is rising again, and I will be using this anchor to help me forward. It’s about spending more time with those who make us better, and look at the best in us, even when we are at our worst. Unfortunately, it takes moments like this to see clearly. But I am SO grateful and fortunate for those who have been a crutch in this rainy storm. So Thank you! Here I Am! Finding my sunshine! 



If yesterday is an indication of what my 27th year will be like, BRING IT ON!!!! From start to end, my day was FABULOUS! Sooo many little surprises, I am extremely grateful for each and every moment! I am realizing more and more each day that I am surrounded by so many people who make me a better person. This post today, I hope will make you think about the people who surround you. Crowd yourself with positivity, and let your soul ignite! You deserve to feel amazing! Thank you for being YOU! Now go DANCE!