Just me!

Image Happy Wednesday everyone!!!! Let’s start off with an, oh my GOSH!!!, I’m SORE!!!!! So yesterday after my great workout at the gym, I went about my daily routines, excepttttttt….. It was soooooo nice out that I couldn’t resist heading to the park! So I’ve picked up a new challenge, called lacrosse! I am teaching myself against the handball courts in the park! The best part about it is I put my headphones on, and just do my thing! Something inside me ignites, something I haven’t felt in awhile. Going to the gym has always been an escape for me, but this is just totally mind clearing. And now here I am….SORE!!!  I had a completely “just me” day yesterday, where I was able to just give my body and soul what it needed….attention. My mind was waiting to be cleared of all the clutter, and my body was waiting for some healthy nourishment and much needed rest! This is a new voyage I am on trying to discover the new me, the me I have lost sight of, the one who deserves attention! This is just me! Hope today you have time to reflect on how you can better yourself! Take time to see what makes your soul shine bright!!!Image

Let’s get REAL!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Hope everyone had a FABULOUS cinco de mayo! On to business, let’s get REAL! I’ve decided to go on a rant about Facebook! I have been deactivated from Facebook for over two years, and it has been GREAT! How did I come to this rant you may ask? Well I pulled myself out of bed this morning and made it to the gym! While on the treadmill listening to Pieces of Me by Janice Joplin, (I mean really, who listens to Janice Joplin on treadmill)… Helloooo, me!!! Any who, this woman next me was looking at obnoxious pictures , I guess of a friend of hers. This reminded me of why I dislike Facebook. My feeds use to be full of people posting pictures every single moment of their lives!! I take A LOT of pictures, but for me its to see progress, and I don’t post them anywhere! How can you enjoy the moments and be “happy” in them, If you are immediately posting on Facebook?!?! (Insert Cher from Clueless saying “As If!!!!”) But enough about my rant… I’m here to share that I went to the gym two days in a row!!! Its been almost three months since my return, and I’m feeling enthusiastic!!! So much so, I documented the moment for you guys!!! Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!!! And let’s get REAL!!!



HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!!  As I sit at work right now, I am counting down the hours till my spring break!!! I am extremely grateful for the time I am going to be getting off because it will allow me to do some serious detoxing on my body! It will also allow for me to get back in touch with my old friend whom I have missed dearly, aka the GYM!!!! I want to detox my body of not only all the gross toxins that have accumulated, but also of negativity. I want to surround myself with so much positivity that my soul ignites on fire! I want to feel free, and grow along with the spring flowers! I want to spend so much time sharing my positivity with people around me that I can’t help but beam with energy! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and you find some positivity to find yourself in a better place! Always remember to put yourself first and foremost!