Here’s To Us!


It has been a really long time since I got personal, or have even posted. My life has been all over the map, but somehow today, it has brought me back here. This quote just hit me hard. One day my body is a certain way, months later it is here. I dropped 35 pounds, not because I wanted too, but because I got so sick,(Stomach issues). I not only felt like I wasn’t myself, my clothes were falling off, nothing fit, and I felt like I needed to try my hardest to get back. So I ate only healthy foods, lots of almond butter, lots of smoothies packed with healthy fats, salads, beans, eggs and lots of protein shakes. I started to gain, so so so slowly. Progress was taking so long, and I was becoming discouraged, but I never gave up. People everyday talk about “how do I lose weight I’m so miserable, need to lose 5 pounds.” Here I was trying to gain back 35, and not by eating McDonalds and meat, but by eating healthy. Everyday I looked in the mirror, was looking for that beautiful body that I once picked at for every little imperfection. I would take all those imperfections back. But I only fought harder, I was determined. I am about 10 pounds shy of my weight, but I have been lifting heavier weights when my body permits it, and my body is coming back better then ever. For those out there who constantly nit pick at the imperfections, instead of doing so, just exercise. Once you get your head in the game, you will see those imperfections disappear. My journey is not over, but I am thankful for the beauty that I can look in the mirror and see. I am also thankful that I know that I worked hard for this! So here’s to us!


Day Eight

Happy Monday!!! Another new beautiful week to begin our journey! This weekend I began to think about the saying “to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” As I laid on the couch, sick as can be from a herx reaction, I thought about how many people take health for granted. People don’t think about it until they get really sick, but they also don’t think about those who are suffering daily, the people who’s job it is to learn to walk again, or to find the strength to keeping fighting the unknown battle. Those who are sick don’t know what it’s like to walk in the opposite shoes. We are all dealt cards, some which we couldn’t chose, and for anyone to hold judgment against another would be unfair. This path I walk was not one I have chosen, but we make the best with what our best is. I support you in every way I can on your journey. People will make mistakes and be unkind, but try to find the few who will be there when someone kicks you down. When you are down, get back up and just think of the mile they are walking…it may not be exactly what you are experiencing, but hardships float in everyone’s lives. Be understanding, and always remember, good always wins… Be true to the best you, it’s all that matters in the end.


And I hope you are starting your week with a great workout! Stay motivated, for YOU!