Day Nine!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have been MIA for two days due to weather conditions, as well as health conditions. My exercise regimen has been running from doctor to doctor! But I hope that you have stayed strong, and worked out for both of us! On this day, I think if it’s the only day you do so, treat yourself to something. Spend this day, loving yourself, because no one will love you, quite like you could love yourself. Sometimes it takes being so down in the dumps, to realize just how strong you are. When you are on the floor and can’t get up, you look around and all you find is yourself. You are frustrated and sad, but somehow those pains turn into strength and you begin picking yourself up. You begin to see qualities in yourself you hadn’t seen before, and you find yourself sort of beautiful and strong, even in a weak moment. It is moments like these we have to bring with us in times of adversity. We have to remember we have been at the bottom before, and the only way to go is up! So today, remember all your strong moments, and love yourself for them. Spend this Valentine’s Day appreciating the only person in the world that needs it most, and that’s you!

Sending my xoxo’s to you! 


Day Nine

Forgiveness to each person in this world is seen and experienced differently. For some it can be an anchor, which grounds you to this earth. To others, a double edged sword, piercing upon entry and exit. But for me, it varies per situation. I wonder often, when I sincerely seeked forgiveness, why was I easily granted it. Although, the damage I did, did not even warrant a response, I was granted one and more. An apology I worked on for at least two years came out as basic and questionable as a generated message on a Hallmark card. A double edge sword, because he forgave me, and even reminded me of my worth, but at the same time said he could not bare to keep a connection. The connection was an impossibility because of all the hurt he had felt. I understood his feelings, and when he said not a day went by since then, that he hadn’t thought about me every single waking moment, him forgiving me made me feel so much worse. And just as that connection was in me, it all faded away with that ending email. To forgive and be forgiven are the experiences which separates the anchor from the double edge sword. When you are forgiven, you are still left with the damage you have inflicted on another being. When you forgive, you feel a period of pain, but let it sink away after time, and you can surely feel grounded again. You are not left with this terrible feeling of regret or uncertainty. The symbol for human beings should be a double infinity, for throughout life we are either seeking to be forgiven or offering forgiveness to others. I find that as we steer through this life, if we are constantly grounded to the idea of the double infinity, forgiving and being forgiven, we could live a more fulfilling life. But first we must learn to practice and accept both. So on your journey today, and this week, think of this concept as you pursue finding a better you. I hope that your journey today brought you a simple walk outdoors, or even a simple moment to be alone with thoughts. You owe it to yourself!


Day Seven

We all have this idea that we have to have this great plan on how to use the gifts we were given. But if we spend day after day trying to figure them out, we end up wasting our precious days. If we sit in a job that’s barely pushing us to our most potential, why do we stay? We all fall into comfort zones, and with our current economy, our choices to change are limited. If we are unhappy with one division of our life, we should try our best to use our gifts in our relationships with others, or most importantly our relationships with ourselves. First and foremost we cannot help others if we can’t be happy with ourselves. Do you tell yourself you love yourself daily? Not in a conceited way, but in a genuine loving way. Our body is our temple, our treasure, the more appreciation we show it, the more good we are doing for it. Our gifts will appear stronger, and our will for change will become easier. Just love yourself, and you are that much closer to a better, stronger you.


Day Five!

Puddles, sleet, rain, and more snow, made this morning a rather difficult one to make my way to the gym. This weather, I allowed to make me anxious, and it was my first mistake. I became easily frustrated and then moody, because I couldn’t go anywhere. Instead of looking at this day as a day to utilize and get things done around the house, I took a complete wrong turn. I did end up working out to a yoga dvd, but at that point I already did a number on myself. I have looked near and far for this answer, in the skies above and the earth below, but to find that the answer was always within. One step in a different direction this morning, and I could have found myself happy and pleased with just great thoughts all in-powered by me. But I, chose this day, I put these thoughts in my head, I made that mistake. Instead of looking at the beauty of nature, the white new coat of snow, and frosted trees, I looked at nature, and let it become my obstacle. How often we do this as society? How often we let the beauty of life, challenge us? How often do we blow situations out of proportion, putting more stress on ourselves then necessary? I continued to think how wasted this day was, but then it was like lighting striking. I could sit here and say it’s over, i’m moody and anxious, or I could seize the rest of the day, and make it worth while! So as I leave you to make a snowman, and do something extremely silly, I hope that you don’t make the same mistake as me. If your bus is late because of weather conditions, or you have more work then normal, take a look around and find something to be thankful for! Your body would sure appreciate more then the stress! Continue to find a better you! Image

Day Four!!

As I place my tip to myself in my workout jar beside my bed, I begin to look at the pictures surrounding my room. I look at the faces that now seem empty to me, and the one’s who shine light in my life daily. I’m reminded who stood by me in this journey of mine, between the good and the bad, between the unexplained times of my disease, to the great days and motivations. I reflect on the days I force myself out of bed, and to the gym because I know it is the only thing that will help at the moment. As I look at all these faces, I am thankful for the times they stayed, but also for the times they gave me my space, to just be comfortable in my own skin. It is these people who motivate me to find the complete equation to fix me. It is the new people, such as yourself, who motivate me to find an equation fit for everyone with this disease. The first equation is surrounding yourself with positive people. Sometime’s those faces who seem empty in your pictures need to be crowded out, to make room for the new lights that will shine in your life. You can’t chase people to stay with you. You just have to be you, and the people who belong will find a way and stay. Just be you! I continue my days, workouts in the morning, home cooked meals, work at night, and plenty of sleep. Those who understand me, know this is what I need, and accept me for me. You do not need people who question where life is leading you. They are the ones that need to be left in the trails. Just take the road that’s meant for you, and those who belong with you walk along side with you, for when you need that extra boost. Thank you for walking beside me on this journey, and I am here ready to shine my light, if you need me.  And always remember…Image

Day Three

Happy Monday everyone! Today, February 3rd, I decided to wake up early and start this new week off on the right foot! As I anticipated seeing a packed gym, having to wait for a treadmill, to my surprise, it was a GHOST TOWN! Could it be the snow or could it be everyone gave up on their new years resolutions already?? This concept of new years resolutions has always boggled my mind. Who’s to decide what day marks my new year? Why can’t it be my birthday that brings me new beginnings? Or September, the start of fall and new school beginnings? Or even a new career in the spring? I think as a society every one generates these larger than life resolutions , I can say I am guilty of it! We hold so much weight and pressure on ourselves in January because we have to be like everyone else and meet our ridiculous expectations. Instead, I’ve decided that everyday for me is a new a start, a new chance to change the things I am unhappy with. Every single day we are given a new clean canvas awaiting a new masterpiece. What are you going to paint today? Are you going to draw outside the lines, or chose a new color? For me, I stepped off the treadmill, walked down the stairs of my gym, and entered the weight room. This place normally scares me, because I worry about pushing my body to far. Today, my body was brought to a whole new level, one which I’ve never challenged. And I am proud to say, I feel AMAZING! Today I hope you forget all those larger than life resolutions and just enjoy your fresh start of today!!!! If you participated in staying active, please share your achievements with us! And congrats on another day forward to a better you!

“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship.” -Gucci Mane


Day Two!

Having Lyme Disease can be crippling at times, where your joints ache so bad that you can’t make a firm tight fist. It was certainly one of those mornings for me, but since I am here for you, and you for me, I got up tied my running shoes, and walked out my door. I am not going to say it was my best workout ever, but I made it. I thought about all the people that could be reading my blog, and I just couldn’t disappoint! I also created a jar in my room. For every workout, I would award myself a $1. At the end of the month, I would have $20 to give back to myself for all the sweat and hard work! I think about the things that motivate me to push myself even harder, and for me I would have to say that it’s music. A good song with great lyrics, can make me feel like I’m infinite at times. When I need that extra push on the elliptical to get to the cool down stage, I often find myself putting on the song “Stay The Night” by Zedd. I hope that this Friday brings you great joy, and adventure! Push yourself this weekend to get out and enjoy! If you have a song that helps you stay motivated, please share! And remember, you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! I’ll see you Monday, for our 30 minute workout together! Be well! =)Image

Day One

Walking on the treadmill this morning, I began to think about what to focus on today in this blog. Staring at a fairly empty gym, I realized that being healthy is a job in it’s own. This morning when I woke up, I felt like I hadn’t slept an hour but I dragged myself out of bed and put on my workout clothes. Listening to “Roar” by Katy Perry on the elliptical I thought about how easily I could have just stayed in bed this morning, or how easily I could have gone for a bacon egg. It is so so EASY to live like the rest of the world, living off fast food, binge drinking, staying up late, but for me, that lifestyle doesn’t fuel me. I live and thrive going against the grain, and challenging myself! If you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t! Ive come to learn that this lifestyle is mind over matter, and it takes a lot of devotion. But if you are just getting yourself to the gym for a 20 min workout, you are making steps towards a greater lifestyle. When you walk into the gym, pat yourself on the back, even though you haven’t touched a machine yet, be proud you’ve gone against the grain! Keeping working towards a better you!

Welcome to a better you!

YOU!Welcome to a new YOU! I spent most of my life trying to set goals, but often found myself getting discouraged when the goal I most strive for was unaccomplished.  I was constantly surrounding myself with people whom knew what was best for me, and always felt the need to chime in their opinion. I was soon diagnosed with Lyme disease and my life drastically changed.  Waking up in the morning became my hardest task of all. Through this experience, I made life changing moves, because ultimately only I knew what was best for me. I tried different lifestyles of eating, from macro, to vegan. But somewhere in the middle I realized there is no perfect menu for anyone. It is all individualized. I joined a gym a year ago, and five times a week I forced myself there. I woke up every morning exhausted, and I said to myself, “you can either sit here and feel bad for yourself, or get up and try to make it better.” I motivated myself, pushing harder and harder each day. I had horrible days, don’t get me wrong, but I had a jar next to my bed to remind me how far I’ve come! I am starting this blog, because I want to encourage people to come along this journey with me, joining me Monday-Friday on a 30 min exercise date! Whether it be cardio, or simply a walk outside. Come join me and let’s motivate each other! I am not on a journey to be skinny or look a certain way, I am on this  journey to find the best me. I am the key holder to that, no one else. This blog, I will promise you, will be judgment free, for those days we crash and need a brownie! It happens to the best of us. I also promise to be here Monday-Friday to encourage you. Whether you need a push to work out just a little harder, or a push to  make one home meal a day! I will be here to help make a better healthier you! I do not have the answers to the world, but I can support you in anyway possible. Just take my hand, and let’s begin this positive journey in finding the best US!