Stages of Life

“In the end, these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?” – Buddha

It has been a hectic two weeks for me, hence my absence. I was fortunate enough this evening to get a moment of solitude in the park near my house. I was able to completely empty my mind, and write freely. I have never shared my writing here, but here goes nothing!!

A gentle warm breeze fills the air as the sun starts to dim down behind the trees. The lamp posts flicker on and the sounds of gravel brushing off the runners shoes sound the park. The lake is rippling from the breeze, but it still looks completely calm. I am propped up on a bench under a tree which is swaying. I gaze far out beyond the lake to the other side and reminisce. I am brought back to a time which clouds my mind with compelling memories but I quickly forced them out of my head. Lovers stroll holding hands, as lovers tend to do. But I am more interested in the runners, and what has brought them here to this park tonight. Is it the same intentions I have brought with me, in hopes to escape bad memories, or is it the solitude of this summer night?  When I close my eyes, I can bring myself to any place, but still I am brought to these same memories again.  The harder I pushed them away, the faster they came plummeting in my lap.

My question for you today, which is a self reflection, “how well do you love, how fully do you life, and how deeply do you let go?”13e598c266c4f83866e047631753ed38

Capture the Moment

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein 

I think about all the moments in life I would have loved to capture, not in photos, but on video. Not only would I like to have captured them, I wish I would have been more engulfed in them. I wish I would have set aside my phone, set aside the days calendar, and just really felt those moments. We only get so much time, and we should chose wisely what we allow ourselves to do with it. Its clear to me that I need to start setting time to put my phone away, and really be and live. For some reason, my phone has become an accessory to my outfit, never leaving my right palm. I am constantly connected, and never detached. I want to build this film reel in my head, vividly imaging all the moments I’ve experienced in life, and looking into my right palm is something I wish not to include. I find I am only absorbing half of the moments because i’m preoccupied with my notifications, and flashing screen. I need to learn to power down, interact and fully engage. So much we are missing out on, by only catching half the moment. So find time today to just fully enjoy moments happening right in front of you. You won’t get this same moment again, and you will wish you would have captured it.