Progression, and Success.

“Being the best is not what we desire or yearn for, but trying our hardest and never giving up is our key to success and ecstasy.”

How often do we fuss about things we have to do tomorrow, a week from now, even a month from now. We already want to give up before we have reached our destination. We wonder how we are going to make it there, and how tomorrow’s answers will come. Well I have a secret for you. The only way to make it to your destination is to stay present in each hour of each day. Racing to an invisible finish line, or forcing the process doesn’t move you forward any faster. If you out race yourself, you will skip over parts, and will soon have to return and go through it again. Certain challenges we must push ourselves a little harder, so we don’t get stuck. But hurrying tenses us, and will just hold back our progression. Immersing ourselves and our energy into the present moment will help us succeed, and progress. Focus on today, stay with your heart, stay with the present moment, and tomorrow’s answers will come just as today’s did. Be here now.


Beauty of The Present Moment

“The only true thing is what’s in front of you right now.”- Ramona Ausubel

┬áPeople make decisions daily, and then all of a sudden fear rushes into their veins. They begin questioning what they did, and if what they did was the right move. They begin creating scenarios of what could go wrong.The fear becomes so intensely harbored within that it has manifested itself. The fear we created is beginning to happen, because we are so vividly imagining it in our minds. We are forcing ourselves to live in that moment of fear, to experience its every stroke. We are crouched in this moment, stuck in both the past and future, but in reality it’s not even occurring. It is already stealing our joy, and peace. Many awful things can come at any moment in life, but that doesn’t mean we have to give into the fear now, and live through it multiple times. WE need to recognize our fears, release them, and enjoy the beauty of the present moment. Within each day, we will find more happiness and our minds will be less crowded, and free. ┬áSo do not accept fear to ruin your joy of today. Breathe deeply with each decision, and move confidently