Regroup, and Recharge. . .

“People who do a job that claims to be creative have to be alone to recharge their batteries. You can’t live 24 hours a day in the spotlight and remain creative. For people like me, solitude is a victory.”  -Karl Lagerfeld

Ever feel like you give and give and give more, but always give and take nothing in return? It’s draining and can leave you feeling down, and depleted. Energy is something you are, not necessarily something you have. You need to take time to regroup, and recharge yourself. Most people find taking a break as a waste of time, but it is almost essential for our creative function. You can find yourself accomplishing so much more and see yourself going so much further if you just give back to yourself. Read a book, take a walk, watch a sappy movie, listen to a song that moves you, take a hot bath with a cup of soothing tea. Just do something that speaks to you, something that will energize you. For me, I will put everything aside today, for the World Cup! I am very ecstatic for opening ceremonies and the first game! Hope you find the time today to give back to yourself and just regroup and recharge.