Progression, and Success.

“Being the best is not what we desire or yearn for, but trying our hardest and never giving up is our key to success and ecstasy.”

How often do we fuss about things we have to do tomorrow, a week from now, even a month from now. We already want to give up before we have reached our destination. We wonder how we are going to make it there, and how tomorrow’s answers will come. Well I have a secret for you. The only way to make it to your destination is to stay present in each hour of each day. Racing to an invisible finish line, or forcing the process doesn’t move you forward any faster. If you out race yourself, you will skip over parts, and will soon have to return and go through it again. Certain challenges we must push ourselves a little harder, so we don’t get stuck. But hurrying tenses us, and will just hold back our progression. Immersing ourselves and our energy into the present moment will help us succeed, and progress. Focus on today, stay with your heart, stay with the present moment, and tomorrow’s answers will come just as today’s did. Be here now.


Renew Yourself!

9cf59bfd73d3908c9acd5f46af569199 (1)Happy Wednesday all!!! As i had mentioned in my previous post, I am on a detox mission this week! This morning I felt horrible, but dragged myself out of bed and forced myself to the gym! I had a slightly awkward moment, where everyone in the gym was staring at me, and I realized I was singing out loud!!!! Oh boy, what a way to start the morning!! Anyway, although the detoxing is kicking my behind, I am on a mission to make sure I feel renewed after this week is over! I had mentioned this idea of renewing yourself, and how to figure out to do that. First, you need to leave the past in the past. I am not only talking about the things that happened months ago, but also the things that happened last week and even yesterday. You can’t continue to hold yourself accountable for the things that you missed out. You need to renew yourself right now, in this moment. I can flood my mind with a thousand things I would have changed this week alone, but then I would crowd my mind and have no room to motivate myself to accomplish the things I need to do today. Push yourself a little harder today at the gym, clear your mind of yesterday, and invest so much thought in today, that you forget about tomorrow!!! Have a positive sunny day!!!!