Today is my 27th Birthday! YAY ME!I am super excited for this special day ahead, but am saddened that my godfather who shared this same birthday as me, is no longer here to celebrate with me. He will always be remembered today and everyday with much love in my heart. It has been a tradition of mine for almost ten years now, that I mail out letters to my family members, which are to be opened on my birthday. In these letters, I thank them for all their support and love throughout the year. It makes my day special to know that I can bring a smile to those who are my close to me. Today, I want to reach out and thank all of you for your support along this journey with me. I am not only bettering myself, but I am sharing all this positivity with all of you! Thank you for staying with me, and for reading! I am grateful for being able to share my stories with you, and hoping that I can bring smiles to all of your faces. So I hope you all enjoy my special day as much as I will!  Make a wish, I hope it comes true for you!!!